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2021 March Madness Gambling Preview for Degenerates

Degenerates celebrate as the greatest sports gambling bender is about to begin…

After having no March Madness last year, we are going balls out with picks this year. Now buckle up herbs and get ready to make a lot of money. Below we will be breaking down each of our picks Region by Region.

The Official 2021 March Madness Bracket

West Region

Doctor Candi’s Picks

This was easily the toughest division for me when filling my bracket but 2 spread picks stood out to me

*Kansas -10.5*

“Line opened at 11.5 and with 75% of public money backing EWU, it dropped to 10.5. People are saying upset alert here as Kansas has Covid problems while EWU has won 13 out of their last 14 and plays a fast-paced game.🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢 I’m calling cap, Bill Self has been here many times before, Kansas will steamroll them.”

*VCU TT o65.5*

“I get that Oregon is healthy, they’re great at forcing turnovers, and they can score points, but I am not sold on their defense. I think VCU can cover and potentially win, but team total is the safe play.”

JIGO’s Picks

*Missouri +2*

“Oklahoma is on a downward spiral while Missouri is on the come up right in team for the tourney.”

*UCSB +7.5 (Maybe ML)*

“Very talented team they have a lot of Power 5 transfers. Easy cover maybe even a backdoor win.”

*UVA -7*

“One of the best teams in the country stat wise. But will Covid-19 affect them against Ohio.”

*Drake spread*

“Best Against the Spread team in the nation.”

*Oregon -5.5*

“Most underside team in the tournament. Lot of Covid and Injury Issues during the season but have since turned it around. Since Will Richardson’s (their starting PG) return to lineup they are 11-3.”

*Grand Canyon +14.5*

“Top 3 Against the Spread Team in the nation.”

The Emperor’s Picks

*Ohio +7*

*Drake ATS*

“Best Team against the spread. Sweet 16 Bound.”

*Missouri +1*

“Oklahoma has been COLD after finishing the season 0-4 in their last regular-season games. FADE Oklahoma in any way possible.”

East Region

Doctor Candi’s Picks

*St Bonaventure +1.5*

“This one is for you Woj … LSU defense is trash and the public is hammering them due to name recognition, east money.”

*Colorado -5*

“This might be the biggest trap I’ve ever seen. Colorado is better in just about every metric and the public is putting their life savings on a red hot Georgetown team, back the Buffs!”


“Maryland is one of the most inconsistent teams I’ve seen this year, and they don’t stand out in any category. Give me the Huskies!”

*Houston -20.5*

“I get that this is a lot of points but Houston has been blowing out shitty teams all year and I think they’re the real deal.”

JIGO’s Picks

*UConn -3*

“UConn has size and great defense to slow down any time. Also, Dan Hurley pick the coach not the team.”

*Iona +17 (MORTAL LOCK)*

“Louisville hush money for my young gunners. Rick Pitino, I take ’em to strip clubs and casinos” Pitino is a money man need I say more.”

The Emperor’s Picks

South Region

Doctor Candi’s Picks

*Texas Tech -4*

” don’t understand this line at all. Texas Tech is a team that can go to the Elite 8 and it wouldn’t shock me. They have great coaching, they’re well disciplined, and they have grit. I trust Mac McClung in clutch time, don’t sleep!”

*Wisconsin +1.5*

“I don’t understand this line, Wisconsin has lost way too many super close games against teams like Illinois, Iowa, and Michigan.  When they’re on their game, they are right up there with those teams and although UNC has turned it around, I think these teams are on 2 different levels.”

*Winthrop +6.5*

“This is the most realistic 12 seed upset against a beat up Nova team. I’ll take the points.”

JIGO’s Picks

*Colgate +8.5*

“Top 20 Against the Spread team in the nation.”

*Florida +1*

“Trey Mann is a baller.”

The Emperor’s Picks


“All Hail Roy Williams. UNC has been here numerous times before, I can’t see them falling in the first round. Greta rebounding team and solid defense will keep this game close and come down to the wire.”

*Winthrop +6.5*

“Nova has lost their star guard Gillepsie. It’s a 12 vs 5 game. HAMMER Winthrop.*

*Virginia Tech ML*

“HEATING UP at the perfect time.”

Midwest Region

Doctor Candi’s Picks

 *Loyola-Chicago -2.5*

“The line shifted after the recent Moses Wright Covid issue, but I was on them since this matchup was announced and the public was betting GT. Loyola is insanely underrated and it’s a shame that they’re going to win only to gonna get curb stomped by Illinois.”


“Another under-the-radar team that I think can potentially make a run. Syracuse has been hit or miss and I love the value for SDSU.”

JIGO’s Picks

*Drexel +22.5*

“Top 6 Against the Spread team in the nation.”

*Oregon St. +7.5*

“My friend Joe V told me to so BIG TRUSS. Shoutout Joe V.”

*Morehead St +12.5*

“Top 15 Against the Spread team in the nation.”

The Emperor’s Picks

*Georgia Tech +3.5 & Georgia Tech ML*

“Fuck Sister Jean.”

*SDSU -2.5 & SDSU ML*

“No one cap stop the dynamic duo of Jordan Schakel and Matt Mitchell. I know Cuse is a great tournament team, but my gut is telling me SDSU makes the elite eight.”

*Rutgers -0.5 & Rutgers ML*

“If you live in New Jersey and bet against Geo Baker and the Scarlet Knights kick rocks…”

*Cleveland State +20*

“Ride or Die with my boy Big AL on this.”

Parlay of the Weekend

-Doctor Candi’s Picks-

Colorado ML + Texas Tech ML + St Bonaventure ML (+377)

-JIGO’s Picks-

Florida ML + Drexel +23 + Liberty +7.5 + Morehead State +13 + Cleveland State +20.5 + UCSB +7 + GCU +14.5 + Iona +17

-The Emperor’s Picks-

UNC ML + Winthrop +6.5 + Georgia Tech +3.5 + Rutgers -1 + LSU ML

Final Four & Championship Predictions

-Doctor Candi’s Picks-

*Gonzaga, Colorado, Baylor, Illinois*

“Do I think three 1 seeds will make the final four, probably not but statistically I don’t see any better options. I can’t see Michigan making it too far and I definitely think that Colorado or Texas are in good position to claim a spot in the final four. We went chalk on the other 3 so fuck it, we’re backing the Buffs!”

-JIGO’s Picks-

-The Emperor’s Picks-

*Gonzaga, Bama, Ohio State, Oklahoma State*

Mortal Lock

-Doctor Candi’s Lock-

*Connor Cassidy not winning the bracket pool (-1000000)*

-JIGO’s Lock-

*Iona +17 Mortal LOCK*

-The Emperor’s Lock-

*Alabama to make Sweet 16*

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