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Los Angeles Makes Linsley Highest Paid Center

Corey Linsley and the Los Angeles Chargers have agreed to a five-year, 62.5 million dollar contract. The deal makes Linsley the highest-paid center in football, passing Ryan Kelly of the Indianapolis Colts.

via. Football Trends / NFL – YouTube

Linsley was formerly the center for Green Bay, before heavy cap restrictions forced the team to move on.

Linsley will be joining the 2020 free-agent signee and former Packers tackle Bryan Bulaga in Los Angeles, as the Chargers look to build a strong offensive line for young and promising quarterback Justin Herbert.

It’s interesting to see the Packers favor Aaron Jones over somebody like Linsley. While Jones is a dynamic player, the traditional school of thought would be to pay for talented offensive help instead of talented running back help. We’ll see in the coming year if this move hurts Green Bay in any way, but it certainly will help the Chargers.

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