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What Does Taysom Hill’s New Contract Mean?

Shortly after future Hall of Fame quarterback Drew Brees announced his retirement from the NFL, the Saints announced that they gave backup quarterback and Swiss army knife athlete Taysom Hill a 4 year, 140 million dollar extension.

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Naturally, NFL fans were shocked when they saw that amount. Hill was okay in his three starts in place for Brees this year, but he has never been a full-time starter and that money would put him in the upper echelon of quarterback pay.

What fans fail to realize is that the money in Hill’s contract is hypothetical at the moment.

The Saints can cut Hill at any point during this contract. They would not owe him any of the money that is listed in the contract. Also, the extension frees up an additional 7.5 million in cap space this year for New Orleans.

Essentially, if they wanted to move on from Hill, they could do it within an instant. If Hill comes in and plays like a franchise quarterback, the Saints would have the flexibility to extend him and make him their true starter.

Still, it is easy to overreact to the dollar amount in this contract, especially considering the type of player Hill has been in his career.

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