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Aaron Rodgers is Pissed, and Rightfully So

Recent reports from multiple sources are saying that Aaron Rodgers is done with playing in Green Bay.

The three-time MVP and 37-year-old quarterback has requested a trade from the Packers, and their are a million reasons why.

For starters, Green Bay has time and again failed to surround him with top end talent. Yes, he has Davantae Adams and Aaron Jones. But what have they done to help him otherwise? They haven’t drafted a receiver in the first two rounds since they selected Adams. Jones has been an extremely lucky selection as he was only a fifth round pick.

Also, instead of trying to get him more help on offense, Green Bay traded up in the first round last year to select his future successor Jordan Love. The move still doesn’t make any sense a year later. Rodgers had four years left on his contract at the time and was still playing at a remarkably high level well into his late-30s.

Love was also not a polished product. For comparison, Rodgers was originally projected as a top-5 pick in 2005 when he fell to Green Bay at 24. Brett Favre also was not playing up to his usual standards. Love was seen as a late first-early second round option who had a lot of room to grow.

If somebody like Joe Burrow had fallen to them instead, then of course select him. Don’t trade up to draft Jordan Love, especially when you needed help.

Now, Green Bay is stuck. Their franchise quarterback wants out and they have failed to appease him with any of his demands over the years.

The last thing that Aaron Rodgers is worried about is Jordan Love. Everybody knows who the better quarterback is. It is the ineptitude of the Green Bay front office to satisfy their best player that has put them in this situation.

While no concrete trade talks have taken place, Rodgers has reportedly listed San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Denver as his top options.

The trade talk has made an already wild day just a little bit more interesting.

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