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Browns Sign NFL’s Most Overrated Player

Former Houston and Tennessee edge rusher Jadeveon Clowney has agreed to a one-year deal with the Cleveland Browns. The deal can pay him up to 10 million dollars with incentives.

For Cleveland, they added a decent secondary pass rushing option next to All-Pro Myles Garrett, so that is absolutely a positive.

My question, however, is how does Jadeveon Clowney get 10 million dollars?

Clowney, the former top rated high school football player and also former number one overall pick, has never once lived up to the expectations set for him.

To be fair, some of these expectations are insanely hard to meet. It’s not easy when people compare you to Lawrence Taylor and other great edge rushers in NFL history. Even still, his career can be defined as just “average.”

In seven seasons with Houston, Tennessee, and the Seattle Seahawks, Clowney has put up 32 sacks. His best seasons came in Houston, where he put up back to back nine sack seasons in 2017-2018. Other than that, he has never put up more than six sacks in a season, and was very disappointing last year in his only season with the Titans.

But, Cleveland goes out and hands him 10 million dollars to be their new edge rusher with pretty high expectations for him.

NFL front offices and media analysts have been very high on this guy for years, but I’ve never seen it. He has potential, sure. But at what point is that potential not enough?

He has never shown in his seven year career that he can be the dominant edge rusher that he was supposed to be. Even in Houston he was simply the second act to Pro-Bowler JJ Watt. He certainly isn’t the best pass rusher in the 2014 draft class. That honor belongs to Khalil Mack, who went four picks after the former South Carolina star.

I won’t hate on somebody for getting what they feel is their right price. I wouldn’t turn down 10 million dollars if it was offered to me. I just don’t see why he should command that much on the open market, especially after last year.

Is Clowney a good player? Sure. A great one? I wouldn’t say so. Worth 10 million? No.

However, Cleveland is in win now mode. If this helps them win their first Super Bowl in teams history, then they should be applauded for the signing.

Also, I can’t write an article about Jadeveon Clowney without including this absolutely monster-like play.

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