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European Super League: Death to the Beautiful Game


All 12 Clubs have confirmed participation in the European Super League. Follow The Madrid Zone on Twitter for live updates about this historical moment in World Football.

No turning back now. Goodbye to the sport the world used to love, and hello to its downfall.

Money can’t buy happiness, but it sure can turn the biggest European clubs into greedy pieces of shit.

At halftime of Sunday’s matchup between Arsenal and Fulham, NBC Sports halftime host Ahmed Fareed mentioned reports of a European Super League being formed by 12 of the biggest soccer clubs in Europe. Studio analyst Robbie Earle followed by saying that there have been rumors of this in the past, but “this time is different”. Reports of the ESL come just a day before the UEFA was set to announce the new format to the Champions League.

The Premier League Big 6 make up half of the confirmed teams that have agreed to the league, along with a few Italian and Spanish clubs looking to breakaway from UEFA. Three more clubs are looking to be added, and each club that joins will receive upwards of $425 million just for joining the league.

This breaking news is still developing, and UEFA and FIFA have come out and condemned the ‘cynical’ creation of the European Super League. Since the official announcement, FIFA and UEFA have made it clear that they will take extreme measures on clubs and players that participate in the competition.

  • Ban from all FIFA and UEFA competitions
    • No 2022 World Cup for players
    • No more Euros for players
  • $50-60 million in lawsuits for clubs that breakaway
  • Clubs would be unable to participate in domestic play

Essentially, the likes of Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Kevin De Bruyne, Christian Pulisic, would only be able to play in this competition only if they continued to play for Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester City, and Chelsea respectively.

European Soccer Legend, Rio Ferdinand, and his take on the European Soccer League

Soccer fans around the world are outraged by the greed of the 12-15 clubs going rogue on their governing bodies.Ferdinand is right. At a time when the football world has preached endlessly about unity through the pandemic, 15 shit heads want to decide the fate of European soccer because they want more money. It’s despicable, to say the least.

If this league goes through, I will no longer be supporting Manchester City. I have been a fan since the mid 2010’s, but I cannot support a club that thinks they are acting in the best interest of their fans, when in reality they are filling their own pockets. T

German and French clubs refused to agree to taking joining the league, which leaves PSG, Bayern Munich, and Borussia Dortmund on FIFA and UEFA’s nice list. For now, at least.

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