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NFL Draft: The Problem with Finding the Next Tyreek Hill

It’s been said over and over again in this draft cycle: Jaylen Waddle is the next Tyreek Hill. That comparison has been said by every draft analyst since September. The attention he has drawn is making him outshine teammate Devonta Smith, who just won the Biletnikoff Award and the Heisman Trophy.

It hasn’t just been Waddle. The same has been said about former Purdue receiver Rondale Moore and former UNC receiver Dynami Brown.

Think back to the last draft cycle also. Former Alabama receiver Henry Ruggs was selected 12th overall by Las Vegas in 2020. Who was his draft comparison? Tyreek Hill.

Many teams are out searching for that next Tyreek Hill. But are you really going to find him? And let’s say that you somehow find the next carbon copy of Hill. Who says you would even know how to use him?

The fact of the matter is that Tyreek Hill is a unique and talented football player. He also has the opportunity to play for Andy Reid in Kansas City. His quarterback is Patrick Mahomes and he has Travis Kelce as his running mate in the receiving corps. He has gotten very lucky with his situation.

This is not a slight against Hill. The NFL is all circumstantial. And Hill of course is extremely good at what he does.

This sudden trend of trying to find the next Tyreek Hill reminds me of a time when every NFL GM and owner was looking for the next Sean McVay. Who was that young, offensive-minded coach who was going to come in and lead us to a Super Bowl.

The McVay trend is the reason Kliff Kingsbury is not the offensive coordinator at USC, but instead the head coach of the Arizona Cardinals. It’s also the reason that Joe Burrow has to put up with Zach Taylor in Cincinnati for another year.

Teams fall victim to trends every year when the NFL Draft comes down to a lot of luck. (Tom Brady doesn’t happen every year)

Teams want to find the next Sean McVay, the next Tyreek Hill, but the odds are you’re not going to find him. Go find your own superstar.

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