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The Jags Are Officially Taking Trevor Lawrence

Everyone will always remember the happiest day of their life. For some people it might be getting laid for the first time, others hitting a hole in one or the birth of a child. For me, it’s gonna be hearing Roger Godell say “And with the 1st pick of the 2021 NFL draft the Jacksonville Jaguars select Trevor Lawrence, Quarterback, Clemson University.” At that moment I’m not sure what I’ll do, whether it be cry or just instantly nut.

You may be asking yourself, the Jags were always gonna take Lawrence anyways, you’re being dramatic. I have been a Jags fan for years and I have witnessed them make some of the dumbest decisions a professional organization can make. For starters, they gave Foles $88 mil like what the fuck kinda deal was that. They also let every good player we have left because the front office was dog shit.

But now, as I sit here in 2021, I can now see that life is good with Urban Meyer as head coach and Shad Khan actually helping out the front office that took our 2017 dream team and royally fucked it. God bless the troops, God bless America, and God bless the Jets for giving the Jaguars Trevor “Football Jesus” Lawrence.

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