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AEW Is Bad

Wow guys allow me to let me tell you guys that AEW Is getting bad yes I’m going to get attacked by the AEW marks but hear me out on the matter

#1) Tony Khan

The problem starts with Tony Khan now I think that Tony Khan is a decent guy but some of his decision booking and business-wise has been an ouch moment for AEW and its fans such as making the elite the bookers

#2) Booking Decisions

Allow me to tell you about booking decisions like just recently like Miro defeated Darby Ailln for the TNT Championship but then have Lance Archer challenge Miro for the TNT Championship at AEW Double or Nothing like What The Fuck. why wouldn’t just Lance Archer challenge Darby Ailln for TNT Championship at Double or Nothing? then have Lance Archer defeat Darby Ailln for the TNT Championship then have Miro attack Lance Archer to start the feud also a dumb booking decision made by AEW was FTR losing the tag team championship to The Young Bucks like FTR Could’ve lost to Private Party the butcher and the blade SCU and others

#3) No Clear Baby-faces or Heels

The biggest example was The Young Bucks heel to babyface stuff AEW] had a bullet club then turned the Young Bucks what makes sense there?

#4) Bad Women’s Division

The Women’s Division is Fucking Shit Expect for Britt Baker and The Thunder Rosa and Britt Baker match everything else is bad. also, the fact that Kenny Omega is booking it Kenny Omega has no booking background it’s going to fail if Tony Khan doesn’t take booking power away

What are you thoughts? And also would you like to see an article on how I would fix AEW? Let me know!

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