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I Miss Lucha Underground

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Let me tell you guys something I miss Lucha Underground today I’m going to tell you guys why I miss Lucha Underground. It really does suck that Lucha Underground is no longer around Lucha Underground started in 2014 and ended in 2018 it was on El Rey Network.


First, the writing team was lead by Chris Dejoesph they did amazing making great storylines and more such as Pentagon jr having a mystery mentor and breaking arms in order of the mentor then finding it was Vampiro I had no idea or Prince Puma vs Johnny Mundo or Son Of Havoc Angiello and Ivelisse trio storylines to name a few.

Building New Stars

Making new stars was one of Lucha Underground Biggest Advantage over other wrestling companies at their time guys such as Drago Aerostar Son Of Havoc Mantanza Marty The Moth to name a few Lucha Underground knew how to get them over it was fun to watch I tried watching every season of Lucha Underground.


I Loved Lucha Underground Realism such as making kicks and hits look real I enjoyed it as such as Killshot going through glass or Mil Muertes Power-bombing Fenix through Dario Cueto office roof and so much more.

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