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ReRackRecords (RRR)

The ReRack Network is proud to announce a new branch of the company, ReRackRecords.

ReRackRecords is a brand new independent music collective brought to you by the ReRack Network. ReRackRecords consists of some of the most underrated producers from around the country and they are only going to continue to grow.

Project #1 = #LOADING

We are proud to announce that ReRackRecords has been working on a project for close to two years and is closing in on the final stages these past few months.

This summer ReRackRecords will be releasing its very own debut project consisting of numerous independent and up-and-coming artists and producers from all around the world. Stay tuned! #RRR

Triple R’s would have never occurred without the help of Neel Patel, Black$hear (Ty), Matt Fitzsimmons, David Watts, Connor Cassidy, Mario Cicconi, Alexander Sukach, and Johnny Matalliano.

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