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What is Happening in Jacksonville

I woke up pissed off today so it’s time to rant about the one and only Jacksonville Jaguars. Don’t get me wrong, I will die defending them, however, they just confuse the fuck out of me. I look at the Jags organization like all of my Ex’s parents look at me, a disappointment. 

For starters why the fuck did it take the Jags almost 9 minutes to draft Trevor Lawrence. I understand you can wait to try to rip a team of by getting an ungodly amount of picks/players for the number 1, but it’s fucking Trevor Lawrence. He has been the number 1 pick since he was a star as a freshman. The pick should have been in with 9:59 on the clock. Also why am I not hearing anything about Trevor Lawrence in the media. The only thing I’ve heard is that they have him on a pitch count to rest his shoulder.

This is the last thing the Jags posted about Lawrence, it was 3 days ago, its him literally walking

Second, what the absolute fuck were you thinking picking Etienne at 25. The only solid position we had coming off of last year was RB and DE. Why the fuck would they pick a running back instead of something that the team actually needed. Etienne is a very good football player. I’m not saying he isn’t but we just didn’t need that. And then to make matters 1000 times more confusing, Etienne is working out as a wide receiver. Shad Khan has to be spiking the water with extra chromosomes because I know Urban Meyer isn’t this much of an idiot (would also explain Tom Coughlin absolutely derailing the team). 

Why is my timeline is full of Etienne and Tim Tebow. Ah, timmy. I can’t wait to get into this. Just, why. Yea he is a great athlete and probably the most competitive athlete of this century but, does he even know anything about playing tight end? The best tight end he ever played with was a legit murderer and I’m sure God’s favorite servant wasn’t that close with hernandez.  

My last point is the jags have the worst tight end room in the NFL. Pat Freiermuth would have been an amazing pick at 25. Baby Gronk is an absolute beast and could pose a huge red zone threat, something that jaguars are majorly lacking. I don’t understand how the jags have not addressed the tight end situation yet. They missed out on almost every free agent TE this off season. Their only chance now is Ertz if Philly decides to move on from the Pro Bowl tight end. Sure, they got Farrell out of OSU in the 5th but that isn’t promising at all. He has a career 34 receptions for a whopping 380 yards. Get fucked Urban and do better.

(I will apologize for that last statement if Urban Meyer actually can turn this team around)

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