2022 MLB Home Run Derby: Preview & Picks for Degenerates

2022 MLB Home Run Derby: Preview & Picks for Degenerates

After a fantastic first half of the 2022 Major League Baseball season, we have finally arrived at arguably one of the most fun sporting events of not just the summer, but the year. The Major League Baseball Home Run Derby.

Below the ReRack Picks boys preview the 2022 MLB Home Run Derby while also offering some advice and their very own picks.  

Operation Bankrupt Vegas begins now…

2022 MLB Home Run Derby

Location: Los Angeles, California | Dodger Stadium

2022 MLB Home Run Derby Contestants & Odds

  • Pete Alonso (+175)
  • Kyle Schwarber (+325)
  • Juan Soto (+600)
  • Ronald Acuna Jr. (+700)
  • Julio Rodriguez (+900)
  • Corey Seager (+1000)
  • Jose Ramirez (+1600)
  • Albert Pujols (+2200)

About the Favorite – Pete Alonso (+175)

The favorite for the 2022 Home Run Derby is the one and only Polar Bear… Pete Alonso. Alonso is currently going for a three-peat of this event as he has won both the 2019 and 2021 events (2020 was canceled due to COVID-19).

Those looking to bet on Alonso for outright winners should try and shop around different books to try and find some value. Sitting at +155 on some books, while you can find him for north of +210 on others, manage your money wisely and try to find the best value possible.

Bets we suggest looking at for Alonso include on BetMGM placing a $50 bet outright on him, while also earning $1 Free Bets per HR he hits. BetMGM is offering their customers a promotion where you put $50 on one contestant, you will receive a dollar in free bets per homerun they hit. Last season Alonso clobbered 74 total dingers. So if you’re all in on the Polar Bear, we suggest you take this route.

One other bet we would suggest in looking at if you are to believe Alonso will advance past Acuna in the first round is Pete Alonso’s o41.5 Home Runs. Alonso finished the 2019 Home, Run Derby, with 57, and finished with 74 dingers in 2021. With that being said, Alonso did win both of those derbies, yet he could still eclipse 41.5 with a strong second round even if he loses.

The Staff’s Picks

  • Emperor’s Picks:

Pete Alonso 2022 MLB Home Run Derby Winner (+200) 1u

Pete Alonso completing his three-Pete in likely the stadium where he will be playing to go to the 2022 MLB World Series is just the perfect script.

Alonso has shown what he is capable of in the previous two Dinger Derbies, and it’s clear to me he will yet again ball out. He has the best pitcher for this contest and is the reigning champion. Find value on the board for Alonso by shopping for different books.

Jose Ramirez 2022 MLB Home Run Derby Winner (+1600) .5u

Probably the all-around best hitter in this field of contestants. I’m sprinkling a half unit because the value for Ramirez is just absurd.

If Ramirez can get by Soto, there is no doubt in my mind he ends up facing Alonso in the finals.

Pete Alonso o38.5 Home Runs (-110) 2u

For this bet, I’m banking on Alonso winning the first round. If he can accomplish that, expect this over to hit with ease in round two.

Ronald Acuna Jr. u22.5 Home Runs (-110) 1u

Now if you’re betting on Acuna to defeat Alonso in Round 1 of this Home Run Derby, then you fade me totally on this pick.

With that being said, I have Alonso winning this contest yet again, and because I have him winning it all, he has to defeat Acuna in Round 1. Acuna will not eclipse 22.5 Homers in the first round regardless, but you know the deal.

Corey Seager ML R1 vs Julio Rodriquez (+140) 1u

Seager returns home and you really think he’s going to lose to a rookie in round one? HELL NO. Love JROD, but Corey Seager used to own this ballpark. He’s comfortable and has had lots of history at this stadium.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Seager gave Alonso a run for his money in the semifinals either or even made the finals and win the whole thing.

Longest Home Run o491.5 Feet (-120) 1u

We are degenerates, so why would I bet for doinkers tonight? WE WANT BOMBS.

Over 251.5 HR’s hit (-125) 1u

Santi said it best… Last season in this contest, we had well over 251 Home Runs. Of course, I am hammering the over.

Pete Alonso R1 ML + Kyle Schwarber R1 ML (-107) 3u

My biggest play of the night is a fucking parlay. I feel like such a clown putting three units on a parlay, but I am so confident in this play.

In my opinion, the easiest leg of this 2 legged parlay is Kyle Schwarber defeating Albert Pujols in Round 1. Look, I love and respect the greats, and Pujols is one of my favorite players of all time, but the game is different now. Young athletes who just have absurd pop, and Schwarber is that guy.

The hardest leg in my opinion is Alonso defeating Acuna. I still think Alonso will actually murk this man in the first round, but Acuna is a far more difficult opponent than Pujols.

For those who would like to tail this parlay, I suggest shopping around for a book with Alonso +200 or better while also having Schwarber at some better value compared to most books.

  • JIGO’s Picks:

Pete Alonso 2022 MLB Home Run Derby Winner (+155)

History repeats itself… Pete Alonso has won the derby 2 years in a row now, I want to see the 3 peat this year. Alonso has the experience and he also has Dave Jauss, his BP pitcher, who can throw some absolute dimes. 

Albert Pujols 2022 MLB Home Run Derby Winner (+2200)

With the lowest odds out of any of the contestants, I’m taking the long shot because it would be one hell of a story. Pujols plans on retiring after this season so the MLB is giving him a chance to prove why he is one of the best home run hitters of all time. It’s always a blast to root for the underdog. Let’s go legend. 

Juan Soto to advance over Jose Ramirez Round 1 (-190)

I don’t know who Jose Ramirez is and Soto is my favorite MLB player, so I’m taking the free money. 

Juan Soto to Hit the Longest Home Run (+400)

Soto hit an absolute nuke in last year’s Derby, smashing the ball 520 feet. Granted the Derby was in Colorado last year so the elevation helped him out a bit but still.

  • Santi’s Picks:

Kyle Schwarber o38.5 HR’s (-110)

I’ve got Schwarber hitting his over for total home runs in the derby mainly because of his matchup. I think he can easily slap 20-25 home runs in the first round and handle business with Pujols. Move on to round 2, put on a decent performance, and we hit. Basically, this bet is just relying on Schwarber making it past the 1st round, advancing anywhere past the 2nd round is an automatic cash.

Over 251.5 HR’s hit (-115)

We’re coming off a recent derby where there were 309 home runs hit, and I honestly think the potential is even better this year from a pure power perspective. Besides, who would watch the derby and bet on the under – where’s the fun in that?

Juan Soto o33.5 Home Runs (-110)

Our Soto bet is similar to the Schwarber bet. We just need him to advance past the 1st round while putting up numbers that he is more than capable of doing. He has shown that he’s got a powerful swing and has a strong chance at ending the night as the home run derby champion.

Longest Home Run o491.5 ft (-115)

These guys are all more than capable of sending a ball over 492 feet into the stands, Soto hit one 520 feet last year. All he’s gotta do is hit one 28 feet shorter, and we win – it’s that simple.

  • Ric’s Picks:

Kyle Schwarber 2022 MLB Home Run Derby Winner (+330) 1u

Schwarber has the easiest first-round matchup on paper, facing off against Big Al in the first round. Alberts over for total home runs is 18.5, so it seems like Kyle will only have to hit around 19 home runs to advance. Last year in the first round, two players hit north of 30 home runs in the first round, and 4 hit 23 or more. I also think 18.5 is pretty generous for Al, so I’m taking Schwaber because he has the easiest route to the championship, and definitely not because I’m a Phillies fan and that this is strictly a homer pick.

Jose Ramirez 2022 MLB Home Run Derby Winner (+1700) .2 units 

Jose is arguably the best pure hitter in this contest. He won’t wow you like the others by hitting 450+ feet bombs, but if he can get into a groove he can put a healthy amount out of the park and give himself a chance to win. He’s not my first pick to win, but I love his odds at 17-1.

Juan Soto to hit one over 470.5 feet (-110) 2u

Soto has some of the best raw power in this class, last year he set the record and hit 520 feet. Although he was at Coors Field where the ball flies, I believe he can still clear his mark of 470.5 feet.

Ronald Acuna ML R1 vs Pete Alonso (+180) 1u

Acuna arguably has the best pure power in this class, the only reason he’s not seeded higher is that he started the season late after missing most of last season with a torn ACL. This won’t be a popular pick because of his matchup against the back-to-back champ, but I think it’s time we see a new winner, and I have Pete going down in the 1st round.