New York Jets: Coolest QB Room?

New York Jets: Coolest QB Room?

The Jets and their fans have gone through tough times since their back-to-back AFC Championship appearances in the early 2010s.  Losing seasons and poor coaching and front office decisions have left the team in complete shambles.

After Joe Douglas came to the team in 2019 and Robert Saleh came over a year later, the Jets are finally showing signs of life that maybe their forever-long rebuild is starting to come close to the end.

The Jets just might have won the 2022 NFL Draft.  Loaded with two first-round picks thanks to the Jamal Adams trade, the Jets were able to land Sauce Gardner and Garrett Wilson.  They then used a number of picks that they’ve accumulated over the years to get back into the first round and grab Jermaine Johnson II at 26, even though many saw him as potentially a top-10 selection.

Day 2 landed them perhaps the best running back in the class in Breece Hall, and they were also able to select Ohio State tight end Jeremy Ruckert, who is not just one of the best prospects in the tight end class, but a lifelong Jets fan that wanted to be in the green and white.

A great draft, great trades, and shrewd front office decisions by Douglas are making the Jets look actually respectable and competent for the first time in a very, very long time.

One of the more polarizing position groups on the roster is the quarterback room.  Since the great days of Joe Willy Namath, the Jets have struggled at QB.  From Richard Todd to Ken O’Brien, to Sanchize, to Sam Darnold, the Jets have not been consistent enough at the position to be relevant.

The Jets quarterback room might not be the best in the league right now.  They probably rank among the lowest in the NFL.  But damn if it isn’t very interesting.

Let’s start with the legendary Mike White.  Many people weren’t aware of who Mike White was a year ago.  Last October, the backup quarterback was called upon to start against the future AFC champion Cincinnati Bengals and absolutely LIT THEM UP.  He is the only quarterback in NFL history to throw for 400 yards in his first start.  400 yards, three touchdowns, and a big win for the Jets is an absolutely incredible way to start a career.  His game jersey actually sits in Canton, Ohio as we speak.  He’s already a Jets legend even if he never throws another pass.

Now to the most elite member of the group, and no it’s not Zach Wilson.  That title belongs to the one and only Joe Flacco.  Flacco, the greatest quarterback in the history of the Baltimore Ravens, is on his second stint as a Jets quarterback.  Although well past his prime, 

Flacco certainly brings something to the table for the extremely young Jets offense.  He has been in the league since 2008 and comes from one of the most successful teams since the early 2000s.  He has played with legendary players and coaches and has won at the highest level.  He also backed up his own claim of being an elite quarterback.  He’s certainly a dependable option at this point if the Jets need him.

Now onto Wilson, the new king of New York City.  After a very up and down rookie year that was marred by mistakes and injuries, expectations are high for the talented passer out of BYU to make a big second-year jump.  Aside from that, Wilson has made headlines in the past week for some off-the-field drama regarding his ex-girlfriend, his former best friend, and the relationship Wilson possibly had with his mom’s best friend.  

Nobody is totally sure if the rumors are completely true.  I know one thing though.  Wilson has the DAWG in him.  Who else would you rather have as your quarterback?  If your options were the number one pick who was married at 21, or the guy has taken number two who’s out there in New York City running the entire place, I’m taking option B.  Wilson is definitely ready for year two.

The Jets will be exciting this season, and Wilson is bringing that excitement into the offseason.