Santi’s Can’t Lose 2022-23 NFL Division Parlay

Santi’s Can’t Lose 2022-23 NFL Division Parlay

With the NFL season coming up, you already know we have to create our yearly division winner parlay. Realistically, I think Fanduel is making a mistake by just allowing me to place this bet, it’s too easy. I went through all 32 NFL teams’ schedules and created an excel sheet to determine my projections for teams’ wins and losses. 

Full AFC predictions here:

Full NFC predictions here:

For my picks, I created a 6-leg parlay because I absolutely refuse to bet on any team that is in the NFC East and also stayed away from the unpredictable NFC West. Yes, the Rams should have that division on lock, but I am extremely high on the 49ers this year and did not want to risk either of those teams being in the parlay. 

My official parlay consists of 6 teams. 

  1. Buffalo Bills (-180) 
  2. Baltimore Ravens (+160) 
  3. Indianapolis Colts (-105)
  4. Los Angeles Chargers (+250) 
  5. Green Bay Packers (-170)
  6. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-300) 

We are risking 0.4 units to win 23.41 units. Now, I’ll go into further detail regarding the individual legs and why you should ride this parlay. 

The Buffalo Bills:

This leg will likely be favored by almost everyone who has common knowledge of NFL betting. The Bills enter the season as one of the favorites to win the Super Bowl, and I think they win their division with ease. 

My projections for the AFC have the Bills going 13-4, with the closest competitor being the Dolphins at 9-8. 

The Baltimore Ravens:

I am beyond excited to see what the Ravens do this season and I have them absolutely demolishing their season win total (9.5). I believe that they are a mismatch for just about every team in the NFL, and they will potentially be the best team in the league this year. I am not worried about Cleveland without Watson, Pittsburgh with a rookie QB, or Cincinnati who just had a great playoff run. I have the Ravens projected at 16-1, with the closest competitor being the Bengals at 10-7. 

The Indianapolis Colts:

The Texans and Jaguars are just not it. This is basically a bet against the Titans, and with Tennessee just losing their WR1, I’m taking the Colts. The Colts are just better overall, and the Titans will be too one-dimensional this season with Robert Woods as their current WR1. I have the Colts projected at 12-5, with the Titans being the closest competitors at 7-10. 

The Los Angeles Chargers:

This division will likely cause us some stress, but for +250 I believe the Chargers come away as the winner while also providing our parlay with great value. In my opinion, they are the team with the most potential in the division from both sides of the ball. I have the Chargers projected to finish at 14-3, with the rest of the division going 10-7. 

The Green Bay Packers:

I’m not mad that one of the best QB/WR duos was torn apart this season, if anything I’m grateful it happened because I got the Packers at -170 to win the division. Without Adams on the field, Rodgers still has a 10-1 record with the Packers since Devante came into Green Bay. I have the Packers going 15-2, with the closest competitor being the Vikings at 10-7. Rodgers will get the job done and compete for the #1 seed in the NFC like he has done countless times before. 

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 

This one comes down to competition within the division, and honestly, there’s not much. The Saints have some potential, but who in their right mind would bet on Jameis Winston over Tom Brady. I have the Bucs projected to go 14-3 with the closest competition being the Saints at 10-7. 

Ultimately, I’m pretty confident in all of these picks. We don’t have that one team that’s considered “highly questionable” to take the crown in their division. For a parlay with +5752 odds, what could go wrong?