Super Bowl LVII: Preview & Picks for Degenerates

Super Bowl LVII: Preview & Picks for Degenerates

Folks the ReRackPicks Boys are back and ready for action this Sunday night. For those that live under a rock or just blatantly hate America, the NFL 2022-23 Season comes to a conclusion this Sunday night.

Below our team of degenerate gamblers, the boys at ReRackPicks, break down their top bets for Super Bowl LVII. 

Operation Bankrupt Vegas begins now…

Super Bowl LVII

Kansas City Chiefs @ Philadelphia Eagles

Sunday, February 12th, 2023, at 6:30 PM E.T.

Betting Trends:

  • Kansas City Chiefs are 6-12-1 ATS this Season (Includes Playoffs)
  • Philadelphia Eagles are 10-9 ATS this Season (Includes Playoffs)
  • Kansas City Chiefs are 2-2 in Super Bowl Straight Up & 2-2 ATS
  • Philadelphia Eagles are 1-2 in Super Bowl Straight Up & 2-1 ATS
  • Over-Under in Super Bowl = 26-28-1

Opening Remarks

JIGO: As a New England Patriots fan I refuse to place a bet on either the Philadelphia Eagles or the Kansas City Chiefs… Disgusting super bowl matchup and I hate both teams with a passion. With that being said, here are my bets for Super Bowl LVII

Emperor Cassidy: This is the hardest game I’ve ever bet on, hence all my picks for this game are Player Props and Other Props down below. All bets placed on this game for me are 1u unless specified.

-Main Market Bets-

Santi’s Picks:

Kansas City Chiefs ML (+104)

Can’t fade patty. I’ve said the eagles are fraudulent all year so I might as well still stand by it. Their playoff schedule was even a cake walk.. Giants and then the 49ers with what, their 4th string QB in?

Kansas City Chiefs 2Q ML (+108)

Check the stats. Chiefs are gross in the 2nd quarter. This is a winner.

Shep’s Picks:

Philadelphia Eagles ML (-125)

If you aren’t betting this, then you must not like winning. Go birds.

-Player Props-

Doctor Candi’s Picks:

Isiah Pacheco o64.5 Rush + Rec yds (-108)

I don’t think any team is selling out to stop the run against KC. We’ve seen the run defense of Philadelphia be a little shaky at times, that’s been perhaps the only weakness of the defensive unit. We also saw Pacheco featured over Jerick McKinnon when it mattered most last week. Previously, we saw Pacheco get most of the work on the ground but used very little in the receiving game. Last week he proved himself an asset both on the ground and through the air. So I expect Pacheco to be used both in the receiving game and on the ground, maybe were looking at 10-13 carries and 2-4 receptions. Then he’d have to be pretty inefficient to not hit this over, anf expect him to be very efficient come Sunday

Kenneth Gainwell u6.5 rush (-125) att or u25.5 rush yds (-125)
I caught this line a little high on PointsBet. All of my bets are based on this being a very tight game. The vast majority of Gainwell’s usage has come in the 2H on drives where Philly is leading by 20+ pts. We’ve seen Gainwell light up the box score in garbage time and i think it makes the split very misleading in this backfield. I don’t think that’s the case on Sunday; with that being said, I expect Miles Sanders and Jalen Hurts to take on the vast majority of the volume on the ground.

Jalen Hurts o31.5 pass att (-110)

This prop correlates pretty well with the others. We don’t see many games where the Eagles are forced to stay aggressive in the 2H, and we’ve seen Hurts throw less than 10 times in the 2H in these situations. I expect several lead changes and I expect that this will not be a situation where the Eagles can win this game by being conservative in the 2H. I think the Chiefs are going to make Hurts win this game through the air, I’m smashing this over.

JIGO’s Picks:

Miles Sanders Anytime TD Scorer (-105) 5 UNITS

Not much reasoning behind this besides the fact that if Sanders scores he will be doing the Lil Uzi Vert Just Wanna Rock celebration…

So if he finds the endzone I get to do the celebration with him.

Isiah Pacheco Anytime TD Scorer (+110) 2 UNITS

Again there isn’t much reasoning behind this pick either, I. just saw a video of Pacheco this past week and his story of losing his brother and sister. It’s a terribly sad story so I’m rooting for Pacheco to score a Touchdown in America’s biggest stage in honor of his lost ones.

Santi’s Picks:

Jody Fortson Anytime TD (+1000)

This one is a hot take. The guy is tied for 6th most TD receptions on the team. Only thing is, he only played 9 games this season. I think we see Philly double Kelce on Sunday, leaving opportunity for our boy Fortson.

Jake Elliot u7.5 Kicking Points (-120)

I can see the eagles being given some tough competition by the chiefs offense. Only playing this because I think it’s likely that we see them get a little risky on offense and attempt some 4th down conversions to end up with 7 instead of 3.

Kadarius Toney to catch a pass on 1st drive (+333)

The odds on this were too fire to avoid. On top of that, it’s hitting too. With Hardman out, and Kelce being targeted by the eagles defense, I think we get the game rolling with some toney action.

Shep’s Picks:

Boston Scott Anytime TD (+350)

My original thoughts were this is a lock and free money. The Giant killer would get a look in the redzone while the weak Chiefs D would be in coverage. After seeing BookitWithTrent also betting this I am worried and can’t be held accountable if it doesn’t hit.

Dallas Goedert First TD (+1200)

This will be the first time a Dallas has been to the Big Game in quite sometime. TE’s are the sneaky people that find the endzone first.

Emperor’s Picks:

Patrick Mahomes o293.5 Passing Yards (-110)

Mahomes is 12-7 on covering his overs this season. Sure his Super Bowl stats aren’t to pleasing and he’s facing off against a very talented Philly Defense, but I will never ever bet against Mahomes (unless facing off against Tom Brady in a Super Bowl).

Patrick Mahomes o2.5 Passing TDs (+175)

I’m taking this because Mahomes over anything plus money is worth the risk for me.

Jalen Hurts o295.5 Passing & Rushing Yards (-110)

This game won’t be as easy as it was when facing the rebuilding Giants and Josh Johnson 49ers to get into the Super Bowl. The Chiefs will score the ball and keep Philly on it’s toes. Hurts will have to make plays this game and that will come through both the air and ground. Love this Over.

Jalen Hurts o1.5 Passing TDs (-110)

I can already see AJ, DeVonta, and Goedert all scoring. Hurts will be throwing the ball way more than past two games.

Isiah Pacheco o68.5 Rushing & Receiving Yards (-115)

I’m expecting KC to jam the ball down Phillys throat right from the start and eventually lean on the easy checkdown to Pacheco. I wouldn’t be shocked if he covers this over by Halftime.

DeVonta Smith o62.5 Rushing & Receiving Yards (-115)

The Hurts + DeVonta connection is almost as legit as Burrow + Chase. That SEC Connection! Looking at DeVonta’s stats, the targets he has acquired is absurd. Think DeVonta has a big game, hence I am riding his receptions as well.

DeVonta Smith o5.5 Receptions (+130)

Read above. Also, plus money is weird so I may be a sucker, but averaging 9.2 targets in his last 5 games, of course I’m locking this bet in.

A.J Brown o72.5 Receiving Yards (-110)

AJ has been to quiet. Shoutout Mr. Whelan for putting me on. This star WR can’t be shutdown the entire playoffs right?

A.J. Brown o5.5 Receptions (+125)

Please read above…

Kadarius Toney o33.5 Rushing & Receiving Yards (-115)

Rumor has it he has that “connection” with Mahomes now…

A.J Brown Anytime TD (+125)

He is due. Simple as that.

Travis Kelce Anytime TD (-120)

In my opinion this is the biggest sucker bet. The entire world is banking on Kelce to score and he’s one of, if not, the biggest liability for Vegas. Regardless I just think Mahomes and Kelce always find a way.

Kadarius Toney Anytime TD (+240)

Of course a Giant will score.

First TD Bets: JuJu Smith-Schuster First TD (+1800) [.5u] | A.J Bown First TD (+850) [.5u]

I never bet First TD on games, but it’s the Super Bowl so I might as well. Needed to pick one player on each side.

-Other Bets-

Shep’s Picks:

Coin Toss: Heads (+100)

Heads is the equivalent of betting black on roulette. If you don’t do it than go fuck yourself.

Over 160.5 Combined Jerseys #s of TDs (?)

I have no reason behind this bet except for the fact that Dallas Goedert and Kelce are definitely scoring so that would put me at a dub.

Gatorade Bath Color: Yellow/Green Gatorade (?)

Lane Johnson literally said they only drink yellow all season so unless a trainer is trying to hit big its a lock. (I also sprinkled money on purple because its gotta be purple one of these years)

2 Point Conversion: Yes there will be an octopus (-110)

The Chiefs will try to save face while getting there shit kicked in and will go for 2 eventually.

Scorigami: Yes there will be a Scorigami (?)

I got a 50/50 chance on this so might as well send it for the last game of the year.

Emperor’s Picks:

Coin Toss: Heads (+100)

February 12th is Honest Abe’s Birthday. Do you know what happened to Mr. Lincoln? He got shot in the head. HEADS is a lock.

2 Point Conversion: Yes there will be an octopus (-110)

It’s the Super Bowl, expect anything.

Exact Score: Kansas City Chiefs – 27 @ Philadelphia Eagles – 26 (+17500) [.125u]

This is just a gut feeling bet, clearly no reason behind this.

-Same Game Parlays-

Doctor Candi’s Picks

Pacheco 25+ rush yds, Sanders 25+ rush yds, Devonta Smith 25+ rec yds, AJ Brown 25+ rec yds, Mahomes 200+ pass yds (-125, PB)
PointsBet just had incredible value on this parlay, we know these guys are gonna get their volume and all have a pretty safe floor

Chiefs +7.5 + Gainwell u34.5 Rush Yards (-150)

I love this correlation. I expect KC to keep this one close and assuming they do, it’s hard to imagine Gainwell getting more than 5 carries.


Enjoy the Super Bowl, bet responsible, and let’s bankrupt Vegas.