2023-24 NFL Playoffs: Super Wild Card Weekend Preview & Picks for Degenerates

2023-24 NFL Playoffs: Super Wild Card Weekend Preview & Picks for Degenerates

2024 has arrived and somehow we are still here.

Look; for the past few years after our solid little run during the Pandemic, shit hasn’t been the same. Well now it’s 2024 and it’s gonna. Weekly Preview and Picks for Degenerates for the entire NFL Playoffs are coming from the ReRack Picks crew. It won’t stop there for gambling content either. Expect a ‘Preview and Picks for Degenerates” on all PPV UFC Events, Golf Majors, Midget Fighting, as well as other content.

We won’t be posting just sports gambling content either. Expect all different types of posts ranging from sports, comedy, to music and much more. Like the OG site.

With that being said, below the fine gentleman from ReRack Picks break down their picks for this upcoming 2023-24 Super Wild Card Weekend. 

As the great TuAnon would say (God rest his soul), EXPECT US. 

And don’t forget… Operation Bankrupt Vegas begins now.

Saturday, January 13th 2024

4:30 PM: Cleveland Browns (-2.5) @ Houston Texans (+2.5)

Betting Trends

  • Cleveland Browns 11-6 ATS
  • Cleveland has hit the 2Q Moneyline in 11 of their last 17 games
  • Over has hit 6 times in past 7 Cleveland games
  • Houston Texans 9-8 ATS
  • Houston has hit the Moneyline in 10 of their last 15 games
  • Under has hit 5 times in past 7 Houston games

Doctor Candi’s Picks: Joe Flacco o268.5 passing yards (-115) 1u 

Mr. Comeback Player of the year himself (They’ll probably give it to Damar Hamlin but it should be Cool Joe). What do Joe Flacco, Jameis Winston, and Nick Mullens all have in common??? They get the green light to sling the rock!!! The old Cleveland Browns would tell Flacco to play with a condom on and not turn the ball over, and then proceed to run the ball 30-40 times. But times have changed and we’re getting the full Joe Flacco experience on Saturday. Flacco’s pass attempt line sits at 37.5 and I wouldn’t be surprised if he clears that line. We saw Flacco carve up this defense in the last matchup, 368 yards, 3 TDs and 2 Interceptions. Of course, CJ Stroud was out for that game, but that actually makes this stat line all the more impressive because Flacco did most of his damage in the 1st half. Against the Jets, I thought maybe Cool Joe would finally get humbled, but he then proceeded to throw for 296 yards in the 1st half. The more the Texans are able to push the Browns offensively and hit on big plays, which I think they’ll be able to do successfully, that should force Joe Flacco and the Browns to stay aggressive. Not to mention, this is a defense that has forced teams to pass; they’ve been excellent at defending the run against RB’s not named Jonathan Taylor, but have been very easy to attack through the air. I’m also going to take this one step further and sprinkle on the SGPs below:

SGP (+225) 0.5u 

  • Flacco o35.5 pass attempts 
  • Amari Cooper o3.5 receptions
  • David Njoku o3.5 receptions
  • Devin Singletary o14.5 rush attempts

SGP (-126) 1u

  • Amari Cooper 3+ receptions
  • Amari Cooper 40+ receiving yards
  • David Njoku 3+ receptions
  • David Njoku 25+ receiving yards
  • Devin Singletary 40+ rushing yards

Santi’s Picks: Texans Team Total Over 20.5 (-130) 1u

CJ Stroud and company are coming in hot to start wild card weekend off and I am beyond prepared to hop on the Texans bandwagon.  As most NFL fans are probably aware, the Browns defense is no joke this season… at home. Home field advantage works wonders for the Browns defense, as nearly every defensive statistic is notably worse in their away games. Here’s the following team statistic comparisons in Browns’ home games versus their away games. 

Home games: 2,151 total yards allowed, 13 total TD’s allowed, 32 sacks, 64.2 opponent QBR

Away games: 2,791 total yards allowed, 25 TD’s allowed, 17 sacks, 86.8 opponent QBR

The numbers don’t lie – this Browns defense is simply not the same in their opponents territory. The Texans actually hosted the Browns recently on Christmas eve and put up 22 points without Stroud. I think Stroud and the rest of the Texans offense kicks the 2024 playoffs off with some fireworks, which is why I’m taking the Texans Team Total Over 20.5 (-130 @Pointsbet).

Jigo’s Picks: Browns -2 (-110) 1u

Hottest team in the NFL.

Shep’s Picks: Joe Flacco Over 0.5 Interceptions (-166) 2U

I love Joe Flacco. He is an “Elite” quarterback in my opinion. However, Joe loves to throw balls to his receivers and see if they can make a play. Often this leads to picks. In only the 5 games he started this year he has thrown 8 picks. Like Brad Pit said in Inglorious Bastards “That’s a damn good deal”. 

Emperor Picks: Browns ML (-150) 1u | The Elite Stroud SGP (-160) 2u (New Add)

Joe Flacco came straight off the couch and  now has the chance to do the funniest thing in football history. 

With this game being a rookies vs the vets match, I just can’t go against guys that have been here before. We all know Flacco is elite, offense is full of numerous veterans, and defense is a top D in the league. 

Do I think the Texans can put up a game? Of course, hence I’m sticking away from the spread and taking the Browns straight up here. Honestly think this game comes down to the wire but the guys that have been in this scenario before just know how to finish the job. Browns ML. 

Added picks: I am super confident in the Flacco + Stroud SGP, hence a 2u play. Plays posted below

8:15 PM: Miami Dolphins (+4.5) @ Kansas City Chiefs (-4.5)

Betting Trends:

  • Miami Dolphins 10-7 ATS
  • Miami has hit the 2Q Game Total Over in 14 of their last 18 games
  • Miami Game Totals 9-8
  • Kansas City Chiefs 9-8 ATS
  • Kansas City has only hit the 2H Game Total Over in 3 of their last 20 games
  • Kansas City Game Totals 5-12 

Doctor Candi’s Picks: Dolphins +5.5 (-115) 1u  | Dolphins Team Total o19.5 (-110) 0.5u

I think this line might creep up to 6 or 6.5 but I feel comfortable locking it in now at 5.5 and I am officially putting the Miami Dolphins on upset alert. I’m getting that same feeling as last year when Tom Brady faced off against the Cowboys during last year’s Wildcard Weekend, and the public was so fixated on “Tom Brady vs Dak Prescott” and “The Cowboys can’t win in the playoffs” that everyone just seemed to ignore the fact that the Bucs were just bad and their O-line was just atrocious. I don’t think the Chiefs are bad but by their standards….they kind of are. They’ve had a bunch of games where you thought…”Oh this is a get right spot, they’ll beat up on the Raiders, the Patriots, and the Packers” but their offense has still yet to show life. At least the Dolphins are able to beat up on bad teams and at least we have seen the ceiling multiple times this year. I think people are just saying “It’s Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes…they’ll figure it out.” I think it’s a weak and lazy take, give me the Dolphins with the points, I’ll take their team total over 19.5, and I’ll sprinkle on the SGP below.

SGP (-129) 1u

  • Patrick Mahomes 175+ passing yards
  • Travis Kelce 25+ receiving yards
  • Rashee Rice 25+ receiving yards
  • Tyreek Hill 40+ receiving yards
  • Dolphins +17.5 

Santi’s Picks: Dolphins +4.5 (-110) 1u

All of the media seems to be on top of Tua’s below average statistics in cold weather games but because of the weather, I see this being a very run-heavy game on both sides. In the case that this does become a ground and pound game, all of the numbers favor the Dolphins. The Dolphins are averaging 30 rushing yards per game more than the Chiefs on offense and are allowing 16 rushing yards per game less than the Chiefs on defense. I personally think this cold weather hype is becoming too much of an impact on this game, the Dolphins offense can hang around with anyone – and this Chiefs team has truly yet to impress me this season. Kansas City receivers are in shambles right now looking at this weather report – they can barely catch a ball on a nice summer day. Give me the Dolphins +4.5 (-110 @Draftkings)

Jigo’s Picks: Chiefs -2.5 (-160) 1.5u | Isiah Pacheco Anytime TD (-143) .5u

It’s Mahomes, it’s the Playoffs. Don’t be stupid take the Chiefs. I’m buying some extra points to play it safe. 

Shep’s Picks: Dolphins +4.5 (-110) 1u | Both Teams To Make A 33 Yard Or Longer FG (-105) 5u

I am going to have to agree with Santi in this game. The weather might seem to be getting hyped up and I like the dolphins in a shootout. As a kicking guru I do believe that no matter how much rain, wind or Taylor Swift there is on Saturday, Jason Sanders and Harrison Butker will get their time to Shake it Off and make me some coin with 33+ yard field goals.

Emperor’s Picks: Over 43.5 (-110) 1u | Mahomes + Tua SGP (-135) 1u (New Add)

Over 80% of the public is on the under. The media and sportsbooks can’t stop talking about how cold this game will be. This is my Weather is a Mindset Play (Shoutout Caber. iykyk). Of course I’m fading everyone and taking the over. 

We are going to get points. Vegas will be rich after this game. And I’m not going to be some dork rooting for an under on a Saturday night. Points. Points. Points. 

Sunday, January 14th 2024

1:00 PM: Pittsburgh Steelers (+10) @ Buffalo Bills (-10)

Betting Trends:

  • Pittsburgh Steelers 10-7 ATS
  • Game Total Overs 4-1 in last 5 Pittsburgh games
  • Pittsburgh has scored first in 9 of their last 12 games
  • Game Totals 6-11 this season for both Pittsburgh and Buffalo
  • Buffalo Bills 7-9-1 ATS
  • Buffalo 4-1 ATS in last 5 games

Doc Candi Picks: The Josh Allen SGP (+343) 0.5u

  • Josh Allen over 0.5 TDs
  • Josh Allen over 0.5 Interceptions
  • Josh Allen over 7.5 rush attempts

Just like Mr. Joe Flacco, Josh Allen has also been given the green light. So we’re betting on the full Josh Allen experience today. Josh Allen to throw at least 1 touchdown, at least 1 interception, and run the ball at least 8 times. 

Santi’s Picks: Bills Team Total Over 22.5 (-125) 1u

Pittsburgh is in trouble. The Bills are one of the hottest teams in the NFL right now, and the Steelers are down their best player in TJ Watt. Since Watt has come to Pittsburgh he has played in all but 11 games. The Steelers record in those 11 games; 1-10. Without Watt (50 QB pressures this season), Allen should find himself with a little more time in the pocket. With a clean pocket this year, Allen has completed an impressive 68.6% of his passes. When the Bills put up a poor performance on the offensive side of the ball, it’s usually not because of the opposing defense – it’s because of their own mistakes. I see Allen and company handling business in this one, which is why I’ll be rocking with the Bills Team Total Over 22.5 (-125 @BetRivers).  

* Will also be placing a future bet on Bills to win the AFC (+280)

Risking 1u to win 0.8u on Bills TT. Risking 1.5u to win 4.2u on Bills to win AFC. 

Jigo’s Picks: Steelers +10 (-110) 1u

Mike Tomlin is too good of a head coach to not cover 10 points. This is a disrespectful line therefore I’m taking the Steelers to cover.

Shep’s Picks: Bills -10 (-108) 2u

It is hard to win on Sundays. Doesn’t matter who your opponent is. Winning by 10+ in the playoffs is nearly impossible considering Rodger Goddell is a slimy little fuck and definitely rigs games. With that being said, I’m taking Bills -10 because I’m falling for the bait. Yea the Bills have looked dominant at times this season and the steelers have looked meh. Consider this my weekly donation to the books.

Emperor Picks: Josh Allen o255.5 Passing and Rushing Yards (-110) 1u

In 17 games this season, Josh Allen has cleared this over 12 times. With the Bills heading into the Playoffs scorching hot, I have reason to believe they will come out the gate guns blazing. 

With Josh having the ability to be dynamic in both the pass and rush game, while also having skill players being able to make plays after the catch, I LOVE THIS PLAY. What makes me love this even more is that the Steelers will be without All-Pro defender TJ Watt, a great disruptor. 

I’d also like to mention that in the playoffs, Josh Allen is averaging 291 Passing Yards per game while also averaging 52.12 rushing yards. 8 career playoff games averaging well over 300 total yards per game? Gimme that. 

4:30 PM: Green Bay Packers (+7.5) @ Dallas Cowboys (-7.5)

Betting Trends:

  • Green Bay Packers 9-8 ATS 
  • Green Bay Game Totals 10-7 
  • Green Bay has hit the 1Q Moneyline in 7 of their last 10 away games
  • Dallas Cowboys 10-7 ATS
  • Dallas has hit the 1Q Moneyline in their last 9 games at home

Doc Candi Picks: SGP (+100) 1u

  • Jayden Reed 25+ receiving yards
  • Tony Pollard 25+ rushing yards
  • CeeDee Lamb 50+ receiving yards
  • Dak Prescott 200+ passing yards
  • Jordan Love 175+ passing yards

This was the hardest game for me to find an angle in. All of these props correlate very well together. I don’t trust many Green Bay players outside of Jayden Reed, I think 25 yards is a safe floor for him. On the other side of the ball, we know exactly what we’re getting from Dallas. Their run game has been atrocious but Pollard will get 25+ rushing yards based on the volume he’s been getting and then Dak and CeeDee for 200+ and 50+ respectively has been absolutely free this year. 

Santi’s Picks: Over 50.5 (-110) 1u

This is the game of the weekend in my opinion, as I expect a great showing of offense from both teams. Jordan Love and the Packers have been a pleasant surprise as of late while Dak Prescott is having an MVP caliber season. Both teams find themselves sitting in the top 10 for total touchdowns scored this season and they now get to face off inside AT&T Stadium, clear of any outdoor elements. With both sides averaging 25 points per game in their last 5, I expect each of these teams to force their opponent to keep their foot on the gas the whole way through. I’m siding with the game total going Over 50.5 (-110 BetMGM) in this one. 

Jigo Picks: Packers +7.5 (-110) 1u

Too many points in a playoff game. I think the Cowboys are going to Cowboy this week and the Cowboys won’t be able to cover.

Shep’s Picks: Packers +7.5 (-115) 1u

This pick comes down to my hatred of the Dallas Cowgirls. From Jerry Jones being a racist to the team doctors coming out to the field in those dumbass cowboy hats stealing everyone’s attention after a player just blew out his knee. I have slept on the Packers all year and I hope they don’t choke in the playoffs. Dak Prescott is also a huge pussy with some of the most annoying cadence in football history.

Emperor Picks: QB SGP (-145) 1u

  • Dak Prescott 250+ Passing Yards
  • Jordan Love 200+ Passing Yards

For me, this was the hardest game to find a pick I’m in love with. However, after seeing the Doctor type his picks out on the Google Doc I realized I can just make a SGP that I love. And that I did!

This game is projected to be a heavy shootout. We love to hear that when betting on player prop overs. With that being said, I think these 2 legs in this parlay are very very doable and can easily clear before the end of Q3. 

In the regular season, Dak has cleared 250+ Passing Yards 12/15 times. In his last 11 games, he has missed this over only twice. As much as I hate Dallas, Dak is going to put on a  show in this home playoff game. His passing yard line is currently set for 279.5 and honestly, I think he could clear 300+. 

Now onto our second and final leg of this SGP… Jordan Love 200+ Passing Yards. This is almost automatic. He has only missed this over three times this season, and the last time was Week 7 against Denver. With the Cowboys ability to score the ball with such ease, the Packers are going to have to rely on the Passing game and I’m very confident this smacks early.

SGPs may be the move for the Emperor this year. Thanks Candi.  

8:15 PM: LA Rams (+3)  @ Detroit Lions (-3)

Betting Trends:

  • Los Angeles Rams 10-6-1 ATS
  • LA Game Totals 9-8
  • Los Angeles has hit the Team Total Over in their last 7 games
  • Overs have 4 out of last 5 games in LA games
  • Detroit Lions 12-5 ATS
  • Detroit has hit the 1H Moneyline in 14 of their last 18 games
  • Detroit Game Totals 11-6

Doc Candi Picks: Rams +3.5 (-115) 1u | SGP (+135) 1u

This was the first bet that I made and I got it right when the line opened up because I wanted the hook. I love Dan Campbell and I think everyone wants to see the Lions pick up a playoff win here but I think the sharp play is to go with the Rams here. Campbell believes in the offense and has all the guys hyped up and playing hard, but has made some questionable coaching decisions as of lately. The Rams defense appears to be getting better each week, with a lot of these young inexperienced guys starting to put the pieces together at the right time. I trust Sean McVay and I trust this offense to run up the score, I think anything over a field goal is too many. Give me the Rams +3.5. 

SGP (+135) 1u

  • Stafford 200+ passing yards
  • Puka Nacua 40+ receiving yards
  • Kupp 40+ receiving yards
  • Kupp 4+ receptions
  • Kyren Williams 40+ rushing yards
  • David Montgomery 25+ rushing yards
  • Amon-Ra St. Brown 40+ receiving yards 

The reason for this one is simple. This game has shootout written all over it, and these are two condensed offenses, we know exactly where the ball is going!

Santi’s Picks: Lions Team Total Over 27.5 (-110) 1u

The public is all over the Rams at the time I’m writing this (96% of money on Rams spread). With the way their defense has performed as of late, I don’t understand why. In their last 5 games they allowed 20 points to a Sam Darnold led offense, 25 points to the Giants, 22 points to the Saints, 37 points to the Ravens and 19 points to the Browns (Joe Flacco’s first game with the team). The energy inside of Ford Field will be incredible, as Detroit has not seen ANY of their professional sports teams advance a round in the playoffs since 2013. The Lions should be able to find ways to score in this one and with the Rams being a capable offense, they shouldn’t be spending much time chewing clock in this game either. Give me the Lions Team Total Over 27.5 (-110 @Fanduel). 

Jigo’s Picks: Rams +3.5 (-110) 2u | Rams ML (+140) 1u 

Detroit is Matt Stafford’s home field, not Goffs. I think the Rams are on a roll right now and there isn’t much that can stop them, especially Staffords . I also believe that the Rams coaching staff and their defense will expose Jared Goff, there is a reason Stafford won a Super Bowl under McVay and Goff didn’t.

Shep’s Picks: Matt Stafford Over 1.5 Pass TD (-145) 2u

Matt Stafford is a beast. The dude has no quit. He isn’t as great as he has shown himself to be in the past but he is still a gunslinger. I’m quite surprised that his line is only 1.5 and feel like I could be walking into a trap. In his last 6 games he has passed for 15 TDs. In only one of those games he did not hit o1.5 TDs. 

Emperor Picks: Lions ML (-165) 1u

Stafford this. Rams that. Enough. 

I’m aware Jarred Goff has played in a Super Bowl before, but this is by far the most important football game of his lifetime. Leading Detroit, a city that has been begging for football relevance, back to the Playoffs while also getting to face the team that basically gave up on you is setting up a future ESPN 30:30. Jarred Goff legacy game in the making? Maybe so. 

With the public all over the Rams here (over 70%), as well as the narrative, how can you not take Detroit? This game just means so much more for them. Lions ML, cash. 

Monday, January 15th 2024

8:15 PM: Philadelphia Eagles (-3) @ Tampa Bay Bucs (+3)

Betting Trends:

  • Philadelphia Eagles 6-8-3 ATS
  • Philly has hit the 2Q Game Total Over in 14 of their last 20 games
  • Philly has hit the 3Q Game Total Under in 6 of their last 7 away games
  • Philly Game Totals 9-8
  • Tampa Bay Bucs 11-6 ATS
  • Tampa Bay has only hit the 1Q Game Total Over in 6 of their last 21 games
  • Tampa Bay Game Totals 6-11 

Doc Candi Picks: SGP: (-130) 1u

  • Baker Mayfield 175+ passing yards
  • Mike Evans 40+ receiving yards
  • Rachaad White 2+ receptions
  • Eagles +11.5 

This game is tough because a lot of lines haven’t been released yet on the Eagles side, but I am still confident in this SGP. It’s been very easy to attack the Eagles through the air this year and so I think Baker for 175+ and Evans for 40+ is free, he’ll most likely hit on a deep ball. Rachaad White for 2+ receptions has also been automatic, he’s been incredible down the stretch this year. For the last leg I was torn between Godwin 25+ and Eagles on an alternate spread. Against my better judgment, I decided to roll with the Eagles +11.5 as I didn’t want too much exposure of an offense that couldn’t get to double digits against the Panthers.

Santi’s Picks: Under 44 (-115) 1u

There’s a reason the NFL decided to put this game on Monday night – everyone’s hurt. The Eagles are rolling into Tampa possibly without Devonta Smith while also relying on an injured AJ Brown and Jalen Hurts to get the job done. On the Buccaneers side, Rachaad White and Baker Mayfield are also pretty banged up, but will both be active. There is also word that there will be intense thunderstorms occurring throughout this game which could make this become more of a run heavy game. Unfortunately for both of these offenses, both teams excel at stopping the run. This game will probably be pretty hard to watch on the offensive side of the ball for both teams’ fanbases, which is why I am pretty confident in betting the game total going Under 44 (-115 @Draftkings).  Risking 1u to win 0.87u.

Jigo’s Picks: Eagles -3 (-110) 2u

Easiest bet of my entire life to be honest. They have looked like shit the past 2 months of the regular season but Philly is the better team. I’m expecting to see the weeks 1 through 11 Eagles this upcoming Monday.

Shep’s Picks: Eagles ML(-155) 1u | Jalen Hurts Anytime TD (-145) 3u

The tush push is coming. Jalen Hurts anytime is free money. He has gone two weeks without getting a “rushing” touchdown but Jalen Hurts has never not scored a tush push on Primetime football. I don’t feel great about the birds but something is telling me they are about to get hot and start dominating opponents. As long as Brian Johnson stops trying to run a college football style offense this should be an easy game for the birds.

Emperor Picks: Bucs +4.5 (-163) 1u | Jalen Hurts o0.5 INTs (-115) .5u (New Add)

I have no stats for this play. This is strictly a Fuck Philadelphia Play. Worst city in America, can’t stand the people and the parking lot attendants at Citizens Park are pricks. Let me get my rain jacket next time without a problem douchebags.  Fuck Philadelphia. 

Baker is that dude so of course gonna ride with that dawg. Bought a point and a half here because I don’t want a push and I also wanted the hook. If you have a deep hatred for Philadelphia like myself, ride them Bucs.  

New Add: Hurts on a hot streak of throwing picks. Love it.