2023-24 NFL Playoffs: Super Bowl LVIII Preview & Picks for Degenerates

2023-24 NFL Playoffs: Super Bowl LVIII Preview & Picks for Degenerates

One Football left in the 2023-24 NFL Season. Sheesh this is depressing. You know what isn’t depressing though? Making a shit load of money with your boys on Super Bowl Sunday. 

Light the grills up at 8AM Sunday morning, read this article and fire away units because we got one more football game left this year fellas.

Operation Bankrupt Vegas begins now…

Sunday, February 11th 2024

6:30 PM: San Francisco 49ers (-2.5) @ Kansas City Chiefs (+2.5)

Betting Trends

  • San Francisco 49ers 9-10 ATS
  • Kansas City Chiefs 12-8 ATS
  • San Francisco 49ers have hit the 1H Game Total Over in 12 of their last 18 games
  • San Francisco 49ers have only hit the 3Q Moneyline in 9 of their last 17 games
  • Kansas City Chiefs have hit the Team Total Under in 6 of their last 7 games at home 
  • Kansas City Chiefs have only hit the 2H Moneyline in 4 of their last 10 games at home

Santi’s Super Bowl Picks:

  • Non-QB to throw a passing TD (+3500) .05u
  • 49ers ML (-120 @Draftkings) 5u

A Super Bowl rematch, except the 49ers aren’t coming into this one with a game manager at QB. The Chiefs defense is what has gotten them this far, but I don’t think they can hold down this 49ers superstar filled offense throughout this game, especially with Shanahan getting 2 weeks to gameplan ways to exploit the defense. I think the 49ers have the upper hand at nearly every position group outside of the QB room. Hopefully the 49ers watched the tape of the ravens completely shutting down the Chiefs offense for the entire 2nd half last week and handle business in this one. Also, no Joe Thuney? Have fun running for your life Mahomes. 

  • Octopus to happen (+1000) .5u 
  • Deebo Samuel o75.5 rush/rec yards (-115 @Pointsbet) 3u | Deebo Samuel o2.5 Rush Attempts (-150 @Pointsbet) 3u

When you face an elite defense, you gotta think outside the box as a play caller. Deebo is the Swiss Army knife of this 49ers offense and I can’t see him being a non factor in this one. You literally just need to put the ball in this guys hands, he’s a YAC monster. Let your stars shine in the brightest moments Mr Shanahan. 

  • Clyde Edwards-Helaire o5.5 rec yards (-110 @BetMGM) 2u

Going off the no Joe Thuney news, I feel like the SF defensive front will be able to limit the run game and generate a solid pass rush. Andy Reid saw what happened the last time he tried to let Mahomes work his magic in a Super Bowl behind backup offensive lineman (Go Bucs), I think the screen game becomes a huge factor in this one to prevent a repeat. CEH has been targeted in every playoff game so far, even if we only get 1 target (could easily see him getting 2-3), I think the 6 receiving yards should be beyond doable. 

  • Nick Bolton o8.5 tackles/assists (-115 @Ceasars) 2u

I think the 49ers establish the run throughout the entire game. Bolton is one of the main guys on the chiefs and his stats prove it. Although he only recorded 4 tackles against the Ravens in the AFC championship, the Ravens barely ran the ball for the entire 2nd half. Bolton racked up double digit tackle numbers in the previous playoff games and I see him playing a big role in the Chiefs defense in this one. 

  • Mahomes o25.5 Completions (+104 @ Fanduel) 2u

Gonna be a good amount of check downs and dump offs against this pass rush. Not to mention the 49ers have allowed the underneath throws and short completions all season while not giving up the deep ball as much. 

Doctor Candi’s Super Bowl Picks:

  • 49ers ML (-120)

49ers ML (-120). I am prepared to die on the hill. I understand that fading Patrick Mahomes is stupid, but Brock Purdy is in the Candi QB tree. If this were a regular season matchup I think San Francisco would be -3 to -3.5. I think the 49ers can do what the Ravens didn’t and run the ball 30+ times, and we’re going to see some tired legs on the KC defense. When we look at these two teams in the playoffs so far, the Chiefs have clearly been better. I think we’ve seen the 49ers play close to their floor and the Chiefs closer to their ceiling. I’ll let Vegas contribute to take a million Chiefs ML tickets while I cash in on Brock Purdy and the 49ers.

  • Deebo Samuel o2.5 Rush Attempts (-125) 2u

Emperor’s Super Bowl Picks:

Last Football game of the year, cmon now. Units are being deployed.

Love all these picks, but nothin g stands off the board for to hammer a heavy whale lock.

With that being said, I’m expecting a great game tonight between these two and with BookItWithTrent on the 9ers and Drake on the Chiefs we may actually get the greatest game of all time.

  • Coin Toss: Heads (+100) 1u
  • Over 121.5 Combined TD Scorer Jersey Numbers (-138) 2u
  • Gatorade Color: Clear/Water (+1000) .33u
  • San Francisco 49ers ML (-122) 1u
  • 2PT Conversion Attempt to occur? : Yes (+115) .66u
  • 2PT Conversion Attempt to Succeed? : Yes (+310) .66u
  • Octopus to happen (+1000) .33u
  • Kansas City Chiefs o9.5 1H TT Points (-160) 1u
  • Brock Purdy o1.5 Passing TDs (-130) 1u
  • Patrick Mahomes o1.5 Passing TDs (-130) 1u
  • Brock Purdy o249.5 Passing Yards (-110) 1u
  • Patrick Mahomes o36.5 Passing Attempts (-105) 1u
  • Brock Purdy o12.5 Rushing Yards (-110) 1u
  • Isiah Pacheco o65.5 Rushing Yards (-110) 1u
  • Deebo Samuel o2.5 Rushing Attempts (-166) 1u
  • George Kittle o47.5 Receiving Yards (-110) 1u
  • Kyle Juszczyk o0.5 Receptions (-165) 1u
  • Travis Kelce TD (-125) 1u
  • Isiah Pacheco TD (-120) 1u
  • Deebo Samuel TD (+137) 1u
  • George Kittle TD (+175) 1u
  • Kyle Juszczyk TD (+800) .5u
  • Super Bowl LVIII MVP: CMC (+475) .5u
  • Super Bowl LVIII MVP: Travis Kelce (+2000) .33u
  • Super Bowl LVIII MVP: Kicker/Punter (+15000) .33u

Same Game Parlays

  • SGP (-125) 1u
    • CMC o14.5 Rush Attempts
    • Isiah Pacheco o14.5 Rush Attempts 
  • SGP (-180) 1u
    • CMC o49.5 Rushing Yards
    • Isiah Pacheco o49.5 Rushing Yards
  • SGP (-145) 1u
    • San Francisco 49ers o6.5 2H Points 
    • Kansas City Chiefs o6.5 2H Points 
  • SGP (+4500)
    • Brock Purdy o1.5 Passing TDs
    • Brock Purdy o248.5 Passing Yards
    • Deebo Samuel o49.5 Receiving Yards
    • George Kittle o49.5 Receiving Yards
    • Travis Kelce o74.5 Receiving Yards
    • Travis Kelce o5.5 Receptions 
    • Rashee Rice o5.5 Reception
    • Isaiah Pacheco o67.5 Rushing Yards
    • Isiah Pacheco o14.5 Rushing Attempts
    • CMC o14.5 Rushing Attempts